Construction requirements for laying artificial turf on basketball court

The essentials of basketball court construction: The most important thing is to control the drainage direction and the flatness of the court, and remember that there should be no uneven ground.


During on-site construction, it can be controlled by a 5mx5m square grid (manually spread asphalt concrete), or during cement concrete construction, the elevation of the formwork can be supported and controlled by the formwork. In this way, the flatness of the site can be ensured and unevenness can be avoided.

When constructing the artificial turf surface layer, first choose the artificial grass with the length of grass seedlings between 10mm and 20mm. Do not use artificial grass with a length of 30mm or more. The artificial grass of this short grass seedling does not need to be filled with sand and vinyl particles after paving. Under normal circumstances, the installation of artificial turf requires professional personnel and professional equipment. Artificial turf is produced in whole rolls. The regular artificial turf manufacturers, such as Wanhe Grass manufacturers, produce large-size rolls with a width of 4 meters.


When used on site, cut according to the size of the site. The interface of artificial turf pavement should use a special interface tape and glue it. The width of the interface tape is generally 20 to 30 cm, that is, there are no less than on both sides of the seam. For interface belts of 10 to 15 cm, generally, the lawn seams with relatively short drafts should not be mechanically stitched to prevent the seams from bulging. After the laying is completed, it can be manually rolled 1 to 2 times to make the joints and bonding points more firmly bonded.

The paving time of artificial turf is closely related to the temperature. When the temperature is too low, the paving will appear bulging and in the severe summer heat. The construction season, time, and temperature should be selected to operate at normal temperature.

The game of gateball is not very popular in China. The field of gateball tactics is generally on flat ground or grass. Of course, the grass with good levelness is Wanhe Grass.


Gateball is an outdoor ball game in which a wooden stick is used to hit the ball through an iron gate, also known as croquet. This movement originated in France, spread to England in the 13th century, Italy in the 17th century, and then to the United States.


It was introduced to China in the 1930s, but it was only used as a game course content at Yenching University. Gateball emerged in Japan in 1948, and it was promoted as an activity program for the elderly in 1970. Gateball is a summary of the two ball games of golf and pool. Not only the rules are simple, easy and fun, but also it can stimulate people's brain power and promote people's physical and mental health. It is currently the most economical and affordable new light sport suitable for all ages.

Many elderly people once complained that this society is not fair, because clothing and other consumer goods, luxury goods, all kinds of health and fitness activities, are designed for young people, even for children, few people think that at present The elderly were once the backbone of society and the master of the country.

Therefore, as a ball game designed for the elderly, croquet just makes up for this shortcoming. The benefits of croquet exercise are too many. The basic activities of croquet are aiming, hitting, picking up and getting into place. Accompanied by brisk walking or jogging in activities, the whole body's motor organs, especially hands, legs, arms, waist, feet, as well as vision, hearing, internal organs and nervous system can be exercised.


Croquet is an outdoor sport, and regular sunbathing and air bathing can enhance physical fitness and prevent and cure diseases. The sun's light radiation can also make people feel comfortable and improve the metabolism of human tissues; contact between human skin and air can produce corresponding physiological effects, improve the body's ability to adapt to temperature, enhance the vitality of brain cells, and exercise thinking and memory.  

The use of skills and tactics in gateball activities and the overall coordination, as well as the position of the ball, require good mental thinking. Such regular mental exercises will enhance the vitality of brain cells and exercise thinking and memory skills. Goalball can be said to be a sport that uses both body and brain. The organic combination of body and brain exercise is the unique strength of goalball. Therefore, this sport is more beneficial to the health and longevity of the elderly.


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